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Dynamo HC Incorporates Cognitive Training System!

By Brett Leonard, 08/17/17, 4:00PM EDT


Dynamo HC is excited to be incorporating the USA Hockey Intelligym for all of its player's for the 2017-18 Session!

The Intelligym is a computer based cognitive training system that trains a player's hockey IQ. USA hockey has implemented it with all their national teams as well as the National Development Team Program and have some impressive data to support its effectiveness. Not only does it help train a player to become a better overall hockey player, but, just as importantly helps a player become more aware and ultimately safer by reducing the incident of collisions.

The training system progressively overloads the players cognitive abilities. Every training session builds upon the previous so each player gradually improves. The training itself looks very similar to a computer game which makes it fun for the kids! 

All Dynamo players will be required to train with the system 1-2 times per week! The training is an integral part of our development system and we will treat this type of training just like we would any game, practice, or off-ice session. One of the biggest advantages of this training is there is only so many hours the players can be with us and only so many hours they can physically train. This tool allows the players to develop on their own time without fatiguing them physically.